Welcome to Stirrup Coffee and Events , we are a team comprised of inventive, reliable and dedicated coffee, food and event industry experts, here for all your event needs. We will listen, plan and execute to make your event unforgettable with our creative expertise that’s trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands.

Coffee for Product Launches

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Our mobile coffee solutions will instantly create a buzz around your event

Whether you’re holding a product launch, press day or marketing campaign, there’s one thing for sure – you want to get people talking about it. That’s where we can help. We have extensive experience of catering for countless product launches and similar events on a global scale. There’s nothing we can’t cater for!

Our mobile coffee bars can be adapted to fit in with your theme, and our team of baristas relied upon to provide your guests with the very best-tasting coffee and tea, freshest juice and smoothies and our trademark exceptional service. And with our additional range of products and services, it’s now even easier for you to get your brand in the spotlight by branding your coffee bar, cups and even cupcakes!

We pride ourselves on offering a welcoming and hospitable service

It’s important to us that your guests feel as comfortable as possible. That’s why you’ll find, rather than just simply pouring beverages, our highly-trained baristas provide more. They engage with your visitors, make them feel welcome, and talk them through the options before serving their drinks exactly how they like them.

The end result; your guests are treated to great quality service and drinks that reflect your brand in the best possible light, plus, you generate a buzz about your brand for all of the right reasons.

Mobile Coffee Event/Company Branding

StirrUp Coffee provides the ultimate marketing tool as we customize every aspect of our services to fit our client’s branding.

1Coffee Stencils

A personalized coffee stencil will allow you to brand your coffee with your logo. Personalized coffee stencils will ensure that an eye-catching representation of your logo, image or phrase appears consistently on all of your coffees.

2Coffee Wedding & Corporate Gifts

We offer a bespoke Corporate Gift Service for companies looking to offer their clients a unique, quality product at a reasonable cost. We can offer anything from small packs of Coffee or Tea to Gift packs.

3Augmented Reality Coffee

Truly ‘wow’ your event attendees with these amazing AR coffee. Each of your coffee will be topped with an edible image that is transformed into a video tracked to the coffee once the user views it through their phone camera. Your marketing message will play our right on top of the coffee!

To book Stirrup Coffee for your event or for further information, please contact us